Sunday 2nd May 

Welcome to Lapford Community Church.  This morning's worship is led by Derek and Jackie.


Heavenly Father we thank you for creation and everything you have given us and do for us.  We remember this morning people that are not so fortunate as we are.  We pray that with the lifting of lock-down and the vaccination program that we still remember to keep to the rules and keep ourselves and each other safe.  We pray for our government as they make decisions for the future of our Country.  We think of other countries who are struggling with spikes and surges at the moment and pray that there will be a speedy resolution and that the pandemic will reduce all over the world.  We pray that you will be with us this morning and keep us safe until we can meet again.  Amen.



Listen to the next song Amazing Grace as we take communion - Thank Jesus for dying on the Cross for us and that He is preparing a home for us in the future.  Because of Jesus' death we are free.



We are going to hand over to Chris now - this is part of a series he recorded earlier in the year.


May the strength of God sustain us; may the power of God preserve us; may the hands of God protect us; may the way of God direct us; may the love of God go with us this day and forever. Amen.

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