Sunday 28th February 

Good Morning and welcome to Lapford Community Church. Our Sunday worship today is led by Mary.

Hope Now and Forever


My hope is built on nothing less

Reading 1 Peter ch1 v 3-9 - The Message

There is a hope is so sure

Peter’s words offer joy and hope in times of trouble, and he bases his confidence on what God has done for us in Christ Jesus.  We live with the wonderful expectation of eternal life.  Our hope is not only for the future; eternal life begins when we trust Christ and join God’s family.  God will help us to remain true to our faith through whatever difficult times we must face.  No matter what trials or persecution you may face, your soul cannot be harmed if you have accepted Christ’s gift of salvation. 

Footprints in the sand

Likewise, our trials struggles and persecutions refine and strengthen our faith, making us useful to God.  Instead of asking, “Why me?” we should respond to suffering with a new set of responses:
  • Confidence - that God knows, plans, and directs our lives for the good.  It’s hard to calculate sometimes, but God leads us toward a better future.
  • Perseverance - when facing grief, anger, sorrow, and pain, we express our grief, but we don’t give in to bitterness and despair.
  • Courage - because with Jesus as brother and Saviour, we need not be afraid.  He who suffered for us will not abandon us.  Jesus carries us through everything.
Peter mentions trials and suffering, all believers face such trials.  We must accept trials as part of the refining process that burns away impurities and prepares us to meet Christ.  As gold is heated, impurities float to the top and can be skimmed off.

Purify my heart

Jesus, all for Jesus

Prayer:  O Lord we come before you, we lay ourselves before you, all the sin, shame and hurt, forgive us Lord.  As we bow before your cross restore our lives and us whole again in and through your precious blood.  Amen

Bread & Wine

To be in your presence

Jesus had said to his disciple Thomas, who came to believe after touching the resurrected Christ, “You believe because you have seen me.  Blessed are those who believe without seeing me”.  Peter, having heard those words, repeats them here:  “You love him even though you have never seen him”.  That faith brings both salvation and the promise of a day when pain will end and perfect justice begins.  Faith will be rewarded and evil will be punished.  But what should we do until then?  The Bible’s answer is simple but not easy.  Because we know the future, we must faithfully serve God here and now.  If today that means resolving a conflict, mending a hurt, working a dull job, confronting a belligerent child, rebuilding a marriage, or just waiting for guidance – do it all with the joy of God, who will return with his reward.
Before Jesus left His ministry on earth to return to heaven, he promised to send the Holy Spirit, the Counsellor, to teach, help and guide his followers.  The Holy Spirit reveals the glory of the crucified and risen Lord.

Build your kingdom here

Christians look forward to an inheritance, a “priceless” inheritance – eternal life in the eternal city of God.  God has reserved the inheritance; it will never fade or decay; it will be unstained by sin.  The best part is that you have an inheritance if you trusted Christ as your Saviour.  You will receive the promised rewards.

There is a higher throne

The imminent return of Christ should motivate us to live for Him.  This means being mentally alert, disciplined and focused.  Are you ready to meet Christ? we need to be living as God’s obedient child.

O Lord we thank you that you are our hope, our living hope now and forever. You are with us every minute of every day and we thank you Lord. Help us to be your obedient child; you surround us with love and protection. You are the risen Lord. Amen

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